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Cats & Hairballs – Guide to Care

As a cat owner, you probably dread the sound: the retching sound your cat makes when she is about to bring up a hairball. While hairballs are a fairly common occupational hazard of being a cat parent, you might be surprised to learn that they are not a normal part of a healthy cat’s life. While that hacking sound may

Cases of Dog Flu Reported to Be on the Rise, and All Dogs Are at Risk

It’s flu time; for us and, increasingly, for our dogs. While the Zika virus is all over the news—and rightfully so, as it has terrifying consequences for pregnant women in mosquito endemic areas—canine influenza is also on the rise. So how worried should you be, exactly? Like all complicated, messy things in life, the answer is a definitive and concise:

Diseases People Can Catch from Dogs and Cats

The benefits of including dogs and cats in your life is incredible, but as is with all things in life, there are downsides. One that is often overlooked is the possibility of catching a disease from your loving pet. While the chance of this happening is quite low, it only makes sense for owners to be aware of diseases that

Permanent Veterinary Jobs

We are the leading career destination for Veterinary Professionals. Employers can post jobs and search for candidates; Candidates can post a resume and apply for openings.


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