Why Post on PermanentVeterinaryJobs.com?

As a dedicated Veterinary Specialty job site, your posting receives greater visibility to the Veterinary industry than any generic job posting site can provide.

With our reach to 90+% of the veterinary industry, we provide the greatest possibility of finding a Veterinary professional that any other company.

What Makes Permanent Veterinary Jobs more successful?

Proprietary Website Network

  Our hundreds of web based, search engine optimized, candidate driven portals result in new Veterinarian applications/resumes everyday from veterinary professionals looking for positions.

Social Media Presence

  Our positions are publicized through social media, reaching Veterinarian’s, Vet Techs, and other veterinary professionals, bringing them back to PermanentVeterinaryJobs.com (PVJ). We broadcast to all audiences including people, groups, associations and companies through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Scholarship & Referral Network

  We advertise our positions to thousands of DVMs and educational institutions that participate in our referral network. They receive recruitment credits (for Providers) or scholarships (for educational institutions) in exchange for a referral brought in through PVJ.

Smart eMail Campaigns

  We deliver highly customized electronic messaging about our client’s positions right to the inbox of greater than 80% of the licensed Veterinarians in the US. We are constantly working within the industry to maintain the most up to date database of practicing, newly graduated and retired professionals. Our smart campaigning system tailors your job opening specifically around the candidate’s experience, location and past interactions with us, brining them back to PVJ to learn more.

US Based Recruitment Call Center

  Our representatives are constantly reaching into facilities nationwide connecting with Veterinarians to discuss their current roles, our opportunities, as well as to discuss referrals they may be able to make. We push active recruitment techniques targeting those currently working, rather the typical passive recruitment (post and wait for a response) that most recruitment agencies use.