The Top Essential Cat Care Supplies

Here are the best cat supplies you’ll need if you have a new feline member of the family. Cat Food When choosing food for your furry friend, keep in mind your cat’s life stage, growth, adult, senior or geriatric, when narrowing down the possibilities, and decide if you want to go with dry cat food […]

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Why do dogs lick everything
Why Does Your Dog Lick Everything

Believe it or not, there are multiple reasons that dogs lick us. It’s not only because they love us, but there are many other reasons they lick us… and everything else! Why Does My Dog Lick Me? Dogs lick humans for all different reasons – to greet them, bond with them, and even sometimes to […]

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Why do Dogs Eat Poop?

Why dogs eat poop may be a bit of a mystery to many if not all, we have some insight that may help you understand a little bit more behind this habit. Poop eating is known as coprophagia, and is a common canine indiscretion. From droppings in the backyard, the cat’s litter box, or their […]

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What’s the best litter for your cat?

Most people select certain litter types for the following reasons…  “I like this brand because it smells good,” or “I like this brand because it clumps well,” or “I like this brand because it doesn’t track as much.”  These are all fine answers to the question what do YOU like about your cat’s litter.  But […]

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Reason to NOT toilet train your cat
Top 5 Reasons to NOT Toilet Train Your Cat.

My first piece of advice when it comes to cats, toilets and litter boxes: Step 1:  Buy a litterbox and litterStep 2:  Let your cat use the litterboxStep 3:  Scoop the litterbox daily Cleaning the litterbox is not the most fun part about living with cats.  But consider this:  toilets were made for humans.  Humans […]

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UC Davis Veterinary School
Top 5 Veterinary Colleges in the US.

The list was conducted by the QS World University Rankings by Subject. This Top 5 list highlights the best Veterinary Colleges in the US ranked by the research impact of the institutions, employer reputation, and academic reputation. 1. UC DAVIS – COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE The College of Veterinary medicine at the University of California […]

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Cat Scratching Itching
Why is My Cat Always Scratching?

You’re probably wondering why your cat is always scratching itself… its definitely frustrating for both pet owners, veterinarians, and of course your cat! The signs most often noticed by owners are itching, excessive grooming, hair loss, and scabs. There are many causes for skin problems like these, and it is often difficult to tell them […]

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Cats Make the Best Pets
Top 5 Reasons to Adopt a Cat.

If you’ve been lonely or feel like something is missing from your life, maybe its time to look no further than a new special friend… perhaps that someone is an adorable bundle of purring fur. #5 They Smell Good, No Bathing Needed Not only do they smell good, but there’s no need to bathe them […]

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aquarium water check
Checking Your Aquarium Water Quality.

Aquatic turtles are one of the most popular reptiles in the hobby today. Watching them in their turtle tank setup can be a calming and enjoyable experience. However, aquatic turtles are messy animals, and if you don’t properly maintain and monitor your turtle’s water, your turtle can become sick and prone to disease. Check and […]

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is your cat in pain?
Recognizing Pain in Cats.

Pain it isn’t always obvious to others when you’re experiencing it. Unless it’s a broken leg twisted at a 90-degree angle or a big bruise on your arm, pain is a condition with no obvious external manifestations. Sure, some people are good at going around making sure everyone knows they’ve stubbed a toe or pulled […]

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